Plush Sheepskin Rugs


  • This wool-like rug can add a sense of style to any room.
  • The fur is soft, warm, and comfortable.
  • Environmentally friendly dyes
  • Use as a rug or drape on your favorite armchair.

Product Information

  • Material: Artificial Wool
  • Color: 6 colors for your choice

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Denise C.

I love it!! Super soft, super thick, just plush! Looks perfect. It was on the floor in less than 5 minutes. I ordered white. It is actually between 2 rooms where I placed over the carpet that is slightly wearing to protect it. Plus it adds nice texture and style.


My pet sheep has been so stressed out he’s losing his wool. I bought this and it looks so natural on him. Finally, he has the confidence he needs to succeed in his flock.

Peggy Meharry

Feels luxurious! What a way to wake up your feet in the morning and the last thing at night before sleep. Very soft, no shedding, and fits perfectly alongside my bed.

Iryna Spaskova

we purchased a mat on the recommendation of a friend. Our whole family is allergic and even a dog. I liked this rug immediately and most importantly, for the past week already we have it, and there is no allergy. the rug is very pleasant to the touch. Beautiful and lovely carpet


I bought this rug recently and want to express how soft it is. Looks very nice in the bedroom and is very pleasant to touch. When my friend comes with her toddler, the kid likes to sit and play on this rag, and also just lay down on it. Very nice thing to have in the bedroom or living room. I already ordered one for my mom for Mother’s Day :)